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Innovating for Agricultural Progress in Ethiopia

Empowering Youth and Small-Scale Farmers with Advanced Agricultural Solutions

At CAMS Engineering, we are driving holistic growth in Ethiopia’s agricultural sector by innovatively blending impact with profitability. Our mission is to transform the agricultural value chain, making advanced farming technologies accessible and financially viable for youth-led agricultural service providers and small-scale farmers

Our Story

CAMS Engineering is dedicated to addressing the critical challenges in Ethiopia, including lack of agricultural mechanization and high unemployment rates. By introducing an innovative solution that includes Agricultural Service Provider (ASP) network and creating employment opportunities, we aim to enhance the agricultural value chain and uplift communities.

To enable prosperity by providing accessible and financially viable agricultural services, enhancing food security, and elevating prosperity along the agricultural value chain

To be the leading force in Ethiopia’s agricultural sector, innovatively advancing technologies and services that empower farmers and promote sustainable development

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of scalable and sustainable solutions.

Multi-Purpose Agricultural Equipments

Our multi-purpose equipment, designed for versatility and efficiency, serves youth-led ASPs and farmers with high-capacity grain threshing and irrigation solutions. We are transitioning towards renewable energy to power our equipment, reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability

Scalable ASP Network Business Model

CAMS Engineering’s business model empowers ASPs with advanced agricultural technology, fostering a scalable network that extends beyond our multi-purpose equipment. Through innovative incentive mechanism and robust support, we enable ASPs’ success and agricultural productivity, paving the way for economic growth and job creation in Ethiopia.

Renewable Energy Transition​

Committed to sustainability, we are integrating renewable energy sources into our equipment, aiming to make Ethiopia’s agriculture greener and more energy-efficient

Our Impact

Shaping the future and making a difference


Our commitment to sustainable and impactful agricultural solutions has led to the successful threshing of thousands of maize, benefiting tons of thousands of smallholder farmers, and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Empowering Communities

Our multi-purpose equipment, designed for versatility and efficiency

Through our Youth-Led Agricultural Service Provide (ASP) network, we have created numerous employment opportunities, enhanced food security, and empowered women and youth in the agricultural sector

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Agriculture Service Providers
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Get Involved

How can you get involved with CAMS operation

For Youth and Entrepreneurs

Join us as ASPs or technicians to harness innovative agricultural technologies for growth and

For Partners and Investors

Support our mission to transform Ethiopian agriculture through partnerships or investments that
make a difference

For Farmers

Benefit from our advanced ASP network designed to provide affordable and accessible agricultural services designed to increase efficiency and yield for small scale farmers

Our Partners

We value collaboration and alignment with public and private stakeholders across the value chain.
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