Precision leather cutting

CAMS Engineering provides cutting services to leather product manufacturers enabling them to increase the quality of their product to be globally competitive. Accuracy in dimensions and processing are extremely important to improve quality and finishing for both small and large leather goods.

CAMS Engineering uses state of the art computerized scanning, nesting and cutting equipment from Italy. CAMS provides CUTTING, DECORATING, and EMBOSSING service for:

  • Leather goods
  • Footwear

CAMS can process material size up to 3050mm X 1550mm and thickness up to 19mm

The advantage of
CAMS Leather Cutting Services

  • Increase efficiency
  • Maximize yield
  • Maximize quality control
  • Ensure inspection & pattern conformity
  • Reduce handling time, inventory management, production scheduling
  • Lead to significant savings on shipping, receiving, and storage costs
  • Reduce waste, overage, scrap
  • Minimize risk of shipping damage